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The Consciousness Transformation Community (CTC) is a mostly online community of people who have embraced the Core Commitments, the foundation of our spiritual practice.  We have online discussion forums as well as events held via teleconference which support our members in stretching toward living aligned with our values. CTC is a group of people commitmented to transforming their consciousness via 17 commitments and NVC.

As you look at the list of commitments, you may notice the use of the word “want” rather than “commit” in describing ways of relating to self, others and life in general. We hold an intention and desire, knowing that we cannot promise. . All of us at some point or another will struggle to find sufficient inner resources to follow through on these desires. This is why each of the commitments talks about seeking support to come back to the intention. ¹

The point of joining CTC is to affirm your clarity that living in line with the commitments is what you want,  and that you welcome support and reminders for staying on track with them. This last point is important, as we want our interactions with each other to be informed by the commitments, and we welcome being reminded of the commitments, something which at times may not be comfortable.  

CTC’s was founded by NVC trainer, Miki Kashtan, co-founder of BayNVC.  Membership in CTC includes an invitation to participate in periodic calls offered by group members and to ask questions and discuss topics relative to living the Commitments.  In addition to those calls, members offer calls on a variety of topics.  Calls tend to be small and participatory, where we can share what is going on in our lives, and seek support about how to stretch toward what we want for ourselves and our world.   

Many of the folks who are members of CTC are active in the world, work for peace, the environment, human rights, animal rights, and other causes that support the continuance of life on Earth.  We offer one another a space to practice what we stand for and to get empathy and support when we feel challenged. 

We are not a teaching/learning community; this is not the place to learn nonviolent communication (NVC).  If you are interested in learning NVC, we suggest that you go to http://nvctraining.com/ where you will find many offerings, including frequent courses offered by Miki.  CTC is more of a community for sharing among peers and for getting support for moving on our spiritual path. 

Hey, we are people, too!  We share celebrations and we form friendships (although friendships are not included in membership).  And sometimes we disagree loudly.  And then we strive to address conflict using the many tools available to us. 

CTC is a work in progress.  We are not the same as when we began in 2010.  For one thing, Miki is no longer a part of the Community.  We have developed a process for Community decision-making and are experimenting with options for shared leadership.  We have members  around the world.

The mission² of CTC is to:

foster a more concerted and effective movement towards consciousness transformation for anyone who is deeply committed to living an interdependent, conscious, responsible, compassionate and caring life in response to the challenging times in which we are living; and

create a sense of community and a web of support for anyone who strives to live in alignment with the core commitments that describe this consciousness.

Thank you for your interest in the Consciousness Transformation Community!

¹Miki Kashtan, 2010
²Miki Kashtan, 2010



2 Responses to Home

  1. Pat Cannon says:

    Typo? We are not the same as we when we began in 2010.
    did you mean…We are not the same WE as WHEN we began…..

    Excited to be part of the community!

  2. ctchome says:

    Thank you, Pat. It’m excited that our newest member read this so carefully and reported a typo. Welcome to CTC.

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